While the coronavirus pandemic has upended life for nearly everyone, healthcare workers have had to face more risks than most.  Much is owed to the men and woman who courageously showed up daily to care for others and paid the ultimate price. May your loved ones find comfort in your legacy…R.I.P

Dr Richard Friedland

Chief Executive Officer, Netcare

We are forever indebted to the selfless service of every healthcare worker, but more so to those colleagues who have lost their lives during this pandemic. Their ultimate sacrifice deserves our deepest gratitude and admiration.

Andre Joseph

General Manager: Funder Relations and Health Policy, Life Healthcare

The highest level of humanity is to sacrifice ones safety to save others. We are truly and gratefully humbled by the sacrifices of our healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Neil Nair

Chief Executive Officer, National Hospital Network

With every patient recovery video our team has published on social media, I have seen the passion and the dedication of our staff. Each patient represents weeks, days and hours of care. We know what it takes to move patients from a position where they are fighting for their health to a place where you can rejoice as they walk out on their own. For each patient that leaves our facility, I want to thank you for what you have invested.

Mark Peach

Executive Head of Public Affairs, Hospital Association of South Africa

Each day you hold the patient’s hand in encouragement or give feedback to a concerned relative on the phone. You laugh with a patient or celebrate small victories in their recovery. You are the hands, ears and voice of the care we deliver. I would like to personally raise my hands and applaud each of you for the work you are doing. Your contribution to every patient’s recovery cannot be forgotten. Each life you have touched is a walking credit to your dedication. Thank you.

Ahmed Chohan

Chief Operations Manager, Melomed Hospitals

During a crisis, what is in our heart rises to the top. And in a time such as this, I can truly say that you as carers, healers and counselors are showing colours so bright that they inspire all around you. You have demonstrated compassion, you have demonstrated courage, you have demonstrated pure determination as you fight alongside your patients. Thank you for this!

Amil Devchand

Group Chief Executive Officer, Lenmed

You have made the ultimate sacrifice doing what you do best-Caring for other’s when they are most vulnerable. This pandemic has shown the world exactly how valuable you are to ensuring their health and well-being.You shall never be forgotten and will be remembered as the heroes that you were. May your souls rest in eternal peace.

Debbie Porter

Nursing Services Manager, SANBS

Your selfless acts do not go unrecognized. No amount of words could ever replace your dedication during these perilous times. Gone, but never to be forgotten.

Donavan Clarke

Quality Manager, Hutz Medical

My fellow health care workers, I salute you today as the superheroes of this world. Your selfless dedication and compassion is highly appreciated even though at times it may not seem like it…. To those that have lost their lives in this global battle, may you receive the highest honour here on earth and in heaven…. Rest well fellow soldiers.

Valerie Stephen

Phlebotomist, Lancet Laboratories

You served humanity in profound ways and your legacy lives on. We thank you.

Gale Shabangu

Chief Transformation Officer, Mediclinic Southern Africa

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